Anabolics E-Book


Anabolics by William Llewellyn is an encyclopedia of the different anabolic drugs that include steroids, growth hormone, insulin, and many others. It provides reviews on almost 200 pharmaceutical compounds accompanied by graphs and diagrams to better explain everything about these drugs. There are also sections that focus on the discussion of risks of using anabolics and how their negative and harmful effects can be prevented and reduced. In addition, a section on steroid cycling and stacking aims to help the readers know better about their cycle construction. Moreover, the information presented in the book are backed up with chapters on steroid and muscle biochemistry.


The book provides informative and very well-written discussion about various performance-enhancing drugs including the reasons why they are used and the possible side effects that they may have on people. The processes by which these drugs are produced and how they are also counterfeited by some people. Guidelines on how to use anabolic can be very helpful to both experience and novice bodybuilders alike.


The discussions on various cycles are lacking and the information regarding the benefits that can be gained from them are lacking.


William Llewellyn is the CEO of, the head of research and development at Molecular Nutrition, and one of the leading research scientists in the field of health and fitness. Aside from Anabolics, Llewellyn also writes for various health publications like Muscular Development magazine. In addition, he has been on the cover of ESPN Magazine, The Washington Post, FOX News, and Discovery Times.