Better than Steroids


Better than Steroids by by Warren Willey is made for those who want to achieve a good-looking body without or with little help coming from steroids.


The book encourages and helps readers to gain more lean mass and lose more fat by providing the necessary nutritional advice to achieve such things. In addition, there are also discussions on bodybuilding related topics like water intake and various lifting programs that can greatly help the readers. The author also points out the importance of ingesting both proteins and carbohydrates that provide the vital components for building muscle and recovering the energy lost during physical exercises.


Because the ideas are presented in condensed form, some readers may think that the information presented in the book are lacking. As such, the more experienced bodybuilders will find the book not very suitable to their taste.


Dr. Warren Willey works for The Fitness Medicine Clinic as its Medical Director, which aims to help people be healthier and fitter by implementing various nutritional programs, dietary strategies, and physical programs. He has a degree as an osteopathic physician and is also one of the founders of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Being an active bodybuilder has helped him in writing the book with goals in helping people lose weight and achieve better health.