Bodybuilding Steroids


Bodybuilding Steroids: All You Need to Know about Steroids as a Bodybuilder by Serge Kolpa provides information about the various kinds of steroids that are found in the market. It is made for readers who want to gain information about steroids in the simplest way.


The book describes the various kinds of steroids very thoroughly without making the discussion too complicated for the readers. It also does not fail to mention that some of these steroids may have some side effects on the body. Aside from providing a complete breakdown of the types of steroids, hormones, and anabolic drugs that are readily found on the market, there are also discussions that focus on the use of syringes and injections. Also, not only are the readers guided on how to properly choose the steroids that are perfect for them, additional information on certain things that may be used in partner with the chosen steroid is also included.


Some readers may think that the book is poorly written. In addition, the book does not provide enough references for the information that it contains so the readers will not have the opportunity to check their validity.