Testosterone Steroid Cycles


Testosterone Steroid Cycles: including the Ultimate Sustanon 250 Cycle by George Spellwin contains pertinent information about the use of testosterone and guidelines on the safe and effective utilization of testosterone steroid cycles. The book aims help the readers achieve the leanest muscle that they can get without suffering from the negative side effects of anabolic steroids specifically, testosterone.


To make the book easier to read for the customers, some information included in the book are presented using charts and graphs. Experienced as well as inexperienced readers will find the section regarding the use of injections very useful.


Some readers may notice that a bulk of the discussion provided in the book focuses on the pharmaceutical product sustanon and fails to provide more thorough exchange of information about other steroidal drugs. The promotion for the author’s products can be also a bit annoying for some people who consider purchasing or are using other products.


George Spellwin is the founder of EliteFitness.com. He has been helping athletes learn everything about anabolic steroids and bodybuilding.